Initiatives and Training

Often, in the traditional, mainstream trainings for women, developing the pillars of ‘sense of belonging’ and ‘culture and values’ are not taken into account.  WOW Network advocates for a model that represents and respects diverse cultures. We develop training curriculum that is flexible to serve and be utilized by different cultural communities throughout the nation.

Harnessing New American Women leadership

Active political participation is central tenet of representative democracy and important for immigrants if they are going to be fully included in the society and become contributing citizens. Toward these ends, WOW Network creates an environment where East African women can advocate on matters of policy, run for political office, be elected, and participate meaningfully in every facet of civic and political life.

WOW Network identifies and recruits potential candidate for civic leadership and suitable public seats, committees and boards. Our program focus on how the candidates’ representation is related to the role of parties as representative institutions. As well as how women acquire the tools and skills necessary to participate successfully in all aspects of the political process.

Inclusive Network

Women political empowerment is a process that requires community education, coalition of grassroots networks and partners. Beyond recruiting candidates and training, WOW Network employs a wide range of strategies to increase women’s participa­tion in all aspects of the political process, using our organizing power to bring together diverse groups, organizations and perspectives. WOW works with elected women and activists to help inform immigrant women of their rights and to motivate them to participate in political processes while providing training on advocacy and coalition building.

Voter Education Program 

We educate women about the things that matter to them and their families and that voting represents the broad range of ways they can have a voice in bringing about change. However, we realized that it’s lack of information that drives many immigrant women‘s political disengagement.  For that, we designed a program for executing and evaluating immigrant women registration drive, including tips for conducting the follow-up with women registrants which is crucial to transforming them into life-long voters.

Bashall Events

Quarterly social event for women from all backgrounds to gather, share ideas, and build community.

Araweelo Project (Araweelo is the name of ancient Somali Queen and womanist).

This is twofold project; first we want to launch intergenerational dialogue and discuss ways to reconcile two different upbringing and expectations. Second we want to pay tribute to the mothers who raised us and instilled us the belief that we are special and important.  By sharing the wisdom of mothers in distinctly feminine way we want to explore alternatives to the standard male-oriented leadership.